Petros - The Pelican!

Petros (Peter) the pelican is one of the most famous attractions and it has become the mascot of the island of Mykonos.

The pelican was found wounded in an unknown location by a fisherman in the 1950’s and it was brought to the island where it received care and love by the locals.

The hospitality the locals offered to the pelican was the beginning for the great hospitality they have been offering to the millions of tourists since then.

For three decades, Petros enjoyed the life of a celebrity as it was photographed with many tourists and stars and it was so proud that everybody knew its name.

Unfortunately, in 1986 Petros had a car accident, it died and the whole island was mourning for days. However, the Myconians tried to fill the gap that Petros left by bringing another pelican to the island. At the moment, Mykonos is the home of three pelicans which walk around the streets of the town and they can be usually found at the Kastro area and the port.

Please do not be afraid to approach these lovely creatures as they are aware of their reputation and they are very friendly and willing to be photographed.